Other Products

Listed here are some of our low volume products, which may not be readily available

Prices (GST exclusive) are variable – see “Terms of Trade”

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of our products or services

Hydrochloric Acid

36.45mg / mL (3.645%) 60mL in 100mL Vial [Code : INJ037]

Methylene Blue

10mg/mL (1%) 5mL in 5mL Vial [Code : INJ 058]

Phenol Red

6mg / mL (0.6%) 10mL in 10mL Vial [Code : INJ 092]

Potassium Iodide (TPN Additive)

31.4µg / mL 5ml in 5mL Vial [Code : INJ 047]

Sodium Chloride

45mg / mL (4.5%) 100mL in 100mL Vial [Code : SOL 024]
30mg / mL (3%) 5mL in 5mL Vial [Code : SOL 027]

Sodium Phosphate Buffer (IV Additive)

5mL in 5mL Vial [Code : INJ 021]