Lower Strength Droleptan Now Available

Droleptan (Droperidol) (low), comes in an ampoule of 1mL in 1mL. Its use is in Anaesthesia, to be administered pre-med, induction, and for maintenance of post operative nausea and vomiting. (PONV)

The low strength (2.5mg) is to assist PONV management where a much weaker dose is needed. While the high strength (10mg) is for immediate management of psychiatric and agitated patients, where a higher dose is found to be effective.

“Droperidol is an anti-emetic in the surgical setting. The effect on nausea is short-lived but more pronounced than the effect on vomiting. Sedation and drowiness are dose dependent, extrapyramidal symptoms are rare, and there is a protective effect against headache”
Can.J. Anesth. 2000; 47:537-551

“The lowest costs to an institution occurred with the prophylactic use of 1.25mg intravenous Droperidol”
Anesthesiology 2000; 92: 958-967

” There is convincing evidence from a systematic review of 54 blinded studies of 7,234 patients that Ondansetron is more effective than Metoclopramide, but not more effective than 1.25mg Droperidol for post operative nausea and vomiting (PONV) prophylaxis in adults.”
Anesth. Anal. 1999: 88: 1370-1379.

DROPERIDOL (Droleptan) 2.5mg/mL
is available immediately from PHARMALAB in a convenient dose for the treatment of PONV.