Contract & Support Services


At Pharmalab, our liquids plant is Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) compliant and licensed to European Union (EU) Grade C, allowing us to engage in manufacturing of preserved, non-sterile and terminally sterilised liquid products in volumes from 1.0ml to over 1000mL.

We have been granted a similar license by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for the production of veterinary products.

Our manufacturing capabilites include the production of bottles, vials and unit and multidose specialist packing variations.

Product development

Our contract services encompass:

  • Liquid product formulation
  • Tablet formulation
  • Specialist packing solutions
  • Theatre packing
  • Manufacture of preserved and terminally sterilised solutions
  • Regulatory and validation support, including the manufacturing of data packages
  • Unique packaging solutions for greater patient safety and convenience.

Product stability and validation

We conduct the manufacturing of prototype products and product trial testing in-house and outsource tablet and powder formulations to various plants.

Clinical trial samples

At Pharmalab we offer cGMP compliance for low volume product runs required for clinical trials. We prepare CMC files for each product for future scale-up or transfer to other manufacturing sites.


We offer a variety of packaging formats that are regulatory compliant, add value to products and allow for future scale-up. We can assist with specialised small batch packaging, customer specific labelling and packaging, and novel packaging for existing products.