About Pharmalab

PHARMALAB is an Australian pharmaceutical company that emerged from the buy out of Ophthalmic Laboratories, a small – volume sterile injectables facility in Brookvale, NSW. Since the 1960’s, this facility has produced a large number of unique and special ophthalmic and sterile products for Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. These pharmaceuticals were needed but the volumes were generally too low for the major Companies to be interested in manufacturing and /or supplying them into these markets.

The Company has taken and expanded this niche focus into a vision positioning itself as a boutique pharmaceutical house:


These products are usually not commonly available but are very important to the needs of patients, physicians and pharmacists.. Most products are directly derived from their requests to develop or maintain the availability of a special pharmaceutical. Many are sold at the request of major pharmaceutical Companies who have seen the continuing need for some of their less economic low volume products.

Products vary from basic TPN additives to antidotes, pain and nausea control pharmaceuticals to paediatric products and neurologicals.

The characteristic of each is the high level of need from the community.

Pharmalab has recently built a new plant in Sydney with an integrated team of professionals who have worked together for over 10 years building our vision. It comprises a workforce known for its dedication, tenacity and commitment to Pharmalab and its customers and who are dedicated to quality systems and the delivery of safe and reliable products.
This is expressed in our corporate logo: QUALITY SOLUTIONS

Our experience has told us that a business must be focussed on its customers. This is what we strive to achieve, since it is our customers; the patients, pharmacists and physicians who guide our development and acquisition of products. We see all these people as stakeholders in our business, its mission and its future.

Pharmalab always welcomes people to make contact to discuss their ideas or needs for the registration and/or supply of new products. Hospitals may use the Company as a resource for specialist manufacture of small volume or difficult products.

Please telephone, fax or e-mail for discussion or more information concerning our products and services.

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